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Loss of Mango crop in Telangana due to high windspeed on April 22nd

Information applicable for Rabi 2019:
Source: WBCIS Telangana Rabi 2018-19 notification

  • Mango crop is insured in all districts of Telangana under WBCIS.
  • Insuring agency:
    • Bajaj Allizanz – Mahabubnagar, Jogulamba, Vikarabad, Mahbubabad, Mancherial, Malkanjbiri
    • Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited in all other districts
  • Total sum insured per tree:
    • Age 5 to 15 years: Rs. 450
    • Age 16 to 50 years: Rs. 800
  • All loanee farmers who were sanctioned bank loans before December 15th, 2018 should have automatically been enrolled.

Details on conditions for insurance claims due to excess rainfall and windspeed

  • Excess rainfall
    1. After 1st of March, if two days consecutive rainfall exceeds 70 mm, farmers with trees aged 5-15 years will be paid Rs. 10 per tree per mm of excess rainfall, up to a maximum of 100 rupees per tree. Farmers with trees aged 16-50 years will be paid Rs.18 per tree per mm of excess rainfall, up to a maximum of 175 rupees per tree.
  • High Windspeed:
    1. From 1st of April to 30th of April, trees are insured in case of high windspeed (upward deviation of daily maximum windspeed), in excess of 35 KMPH
    2. Trees aged 5- 15 years: Payment is Rs. 11.25 per tree, with additional 1.5 rupee per KMPH over 35, up to a maximum of 33.75 rupees per tree
    3. Trees aged 16-20 years: Payment is Rs. 20.25 per tree, with additional 2.70 per KMPH over 35, up to a maximum of 60.75 rupees per tree
    4. Payment will be made only for a single event of maximum intensity – not for multiple events

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