YSRC Poll Promise: SHG loan waiver is impractical

YSRC Poll Promise: SHG loan waiver is impractical

YSRC Party has been promising loan waiver to DWRCA women self help groups immediately after coming to power.  In this regard we would like to bring to your kind notice that these promiseRs. 22,922.59 cr will be a burden on the budget of the total budget (Rs. 1,83,129.00 crores) proposed for the year 2014-15. The YSRC leader is also asking women self-help groups not to repay the loans as he would waive all of them when comes to power. This will also affect the credibility of women SHGs and effect their Credit worthiness.
Loans to DWRCA/Women Self Help Groups

  1. Total loans to Women SHGs in Andhra Pradesh are Rs. 22,922.59 crore.
Loans to Women SHGs In crore (as on 30th September, 2013)
Total out standing Rs. 21,245.19
Over dues Rs. 946.15
Non Performing Assets (NPAs) Rs.731.25
Total Rs. 22,922.59

The YSRC leader is also promised the waiver of loans to women self help groups and is asking them not to pay the loans in every meeting.

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