AAP Manifesto for Farmers

AAP Manifesto for Farmers

AAP Farmers Manifesto Telugu
AAP Farmers Manifesto English

Main points made:
Under both Telugu Desam which said “agriculture is a waste” and Congress which came as “farmers’ rule”, AP has been centre of farmer suicides with 2500 farmers committing suicide every year. The crisis has been due to neglect of the government, and lack of assured income from agriculture. Aam Aadmi Party will provide assurance that government will stand by the farmers, and focus on addressing the extreme income disparity between agriculture and organized sector which is driving farmers to despair.
AAP challenges other parties to come up with real solutions to farmers’ problems, and welcomes any party to take up these manifesto promises – instead of deceiving people with false promises like loan waivers which costs about Rs.70,000 crores and
The main highlight points of manifesto are:
(1) Separate Agriculture Budget with 10% of total budget committed to agriculture and allied sectors (not including major irrigation)
(2) Slogan: “Nation’s Food Security comes from Farmers’ Income Security”
AAP promises Income Security system to achieve income of Rs.1,00,000 per annum to each farming household through on-farm and off-farm income.
(3) Slogan: “Before 7th Pay Commission, AAP will set up Farmers’ Income Commission”. (see brief description of farmers’ income commission in manifesto note).
(4) Day-Time Electricity for farmers, with quality power and solar pumpsets.
(5) Loans and Insurance to 30 lakh tenant farmers who are in major distress with no access to support systems. 
(6) Land titles to women farmers
(7) Special package for Farmer-Suicide affected districts at Rs.100 crore per district
(8) Comprehensive review of Jalayagnam projects by sitting High Court judge. Rs.60,000 crores has been spent until now with very little ayacut created.
(9) Special mission for rainfed agriculture and support for dryland crops.

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